Technique Specialist

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Strength Training for Runners

The best Strength Training program for Runners is now available to everyone. Created by an Olympic Coach and a sports scientist Dr. Romanov this program covers important topics on top of providing demonstrations of strength exercises and drills.

What is the relationship between force and strength? What role do your muscles play in running? How should you approach your strength training program?

Coach G

Coach G – Running Technique Specialist, Ultra Marathon Champ, Nike Sponsored Coach, Head Coach Fit Concepts, Blogger, Fitness Presenter and all around great guy.

Here’s a first-hand account of an amazing adventure at Yam2Yam and a revealing look at what it takes to run an UltraMarathon.

Running 101

“They firmly believe that running is a practiced skill, not a natural motion. And though some people are born with a talent for running, most are not.”

You’re not born to run, but you can become a better runner. Here’s how.

5K Training Program

5K Prep Running Program – now available! (4-Weeks)

We’re done with DVDs! No more waiting for them to arrive, no more cases, discs. Get your videos NOW with a click of a button and improve your running performance while preparing for a 5K with our new online video program.

I love training with Dr. Romanov, he is a very unique coach, he came up with this unique methodology. I’m very proud to train according to the Pose Method®, it has helped me climb to the top. I had to work hard to achieve this and I could not do it without the Pose Method®.

– Elena Ivanova,
3 time Gold Medalist,
2012 London Paralympic Games,
Moscow, RU